EN 'Ingeborg Scheffers is a 'Dutch Designer'
from Amsterdam. Before Ingeborg
starts a new assigment she askes the client
a lot of questions to make clear what has to
be communicated.

The essential idea is unraveled as clearly and
directly as possible, so that the message
cannot be clearer. In that respect, the designs
of Ingeborg are comparable to the Dutch polder
landscape,made for a specific purpose but with
the aesthetic remaining important.

Along with this down-to-earth ethic, she always
retains an investigative attitude.
Each situation is different, so she starts each
assignment at zero and looks to try out something
new - also with materials she has used before.

Ingeborg studied graphic design at the Gerrit
Rietveld Academie. Her designs have already
won various awards, Amongst others being
the 'Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt' in 2009.
Her clients are varied, comprising companies,
organisations and cultural foundations.'


Ingeborg Scheffers works together with a
talented team of: graphic designers/illustators/

Check out some of their websites:
Graphic designer Marrielle Frederiks
Copywriter Bas Fontein
Photographer Stephan Schillemans
Photographer Dirk Wolf

With special thanks to the photographer who made
the photo's for this site:



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Drents Museum
Allard Pierson Museum
Bijzondere Collecties
Het Rembrandthuis
Singer Laren
Zaans Museum
Nationaal Archief Den Haag

Mondriaan Foundation
Fonds BKNL
Stichting Zin
Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken {Best Dutch designed books}
Platform Interieur Architecture
Stichting Stedelijke Fotografie Utrecht

Uitgeverij 010 Publishers
Springer publishers
Hermann Schmidt Verlag [Mainz]
Uitgeverij BASBOEK
Jap Sam Books
Techne Press
Bekking and Blitz

Investment / real estate / contractors
Diekman & Associates
TIS Partners
Hollandse Huizen
Ballingbuer Beheer
Amsterdam in ontwikkeling
BPA aannemersbedrijf

Burgman {wholesale company}
NLdesign outlet {Sales Dutch brands}
Penoze {clothing}
K'wilt {brand}
FTW advocaten {lawyer office}
Moverum {training/coaching}
Lismore University [lismore, Australia]
Castle Middachten
Cuisine Culinaire Nederland {cookclub}
Lunchroom Wat verder ter tafel komt {lunchroom}
Kinderdagverblijf 't Blauwe kieltje {childrens daycare}
Drukkerij Ando B.V. {printer}
Sunbird {travel agent}
STRICHPUNKT {design angency} [Stuttgart/Berlin]
Margy& {wholesale company}
Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy
Alex Vermeulen {artist}
Flachlandfest Festival {art/music festival} [Berlin]